Help new and struggling readers in 15 minutes a day.

We don’t need research to tell us this but sometimes it’s nice to hear things again…

Research shows parent involvement is key to student’s success in reading.  In fact, an international study (Postlethwaite and Ross, 1992) found “parental involvement in children’s reading was the number-one predictor of reading achievement worldwide”.

But what does “parental involvement” actually entail?

For parents without a teaching background, supporting reading instruction at home can be overwhelming.

Where to start? What to work on?

I’m a literacy tutor and I still ask myself this question everyday as I sit at home with my two young pre-readers.

 In essence it means to just sit with your children and read.

But, for those of us looking for more guidance and direction, continue reading…

This short activity is proven to be engaging for kids and parents and is effective in improving reading and fluency skills in young readers (especially our kids at risk for reading difficulties).

 The FAST START PROGRAM by Dr. Rasinski

(scroll to bottom for book recs)

1. Pick a poem. Short and sweet, and colorful with lots

of rhyming.

  2. Read TO your child.

- Sit next to your child and read the poem aloud a few times (with

voices, inflection, fun!)

- Point to the words as you read

3. Read WITH your child.

           - Read together a few times and again, point to the words as you


4. Listen to your child read.

            - Have your child read to YOU a few times

            - Listen, Praise and Support!


But its more than just memorizing words

Talk about the poem.

——who were the characters? what happened?

Pick 2 of your favorite words from the poem.

——write them on cards, place them on a wall, rhyme with them, talk about them.

I loved doing research for this because it gave me a chance to check out the poetry section in my local library. It was amazing.

All of these books include many longer poems but for purposes of this activity, shorter is better…work your way up to the longer poems.

Some of our favorites…


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