Is your child reading on grade level? Reading Level and Fluency Charts

These numbers and letters won’t tell us if your child has a learning disability, but they do give us a sense of how your child is reading.

Teachers complete a beginning of year and end of year reading assessment- ask them to share the scores with you! Its important to know what reading level your child is on to make sure progress is being made!

Keep in mind, we are thinking about your child’s Independent Level. The text should be fairly easy (95% word accuracy).

An easy way to find a good fit book is to use the Five Finger Rule. Pick a page of a book and for every word they don’t know, hold a finger up.

0-1 finger up- Too easy

2 fingers up- A good choice book for your child to read independently

3 fingers up- Your child may need some help and support to get through the book

4 fingers up- Probably too difficult for your child tor read on their own but possible if a parent reads along.

5 fingers up- Too challenging, will probably cause frustration.

Annotation 2019-04-16 212211.png
Annotation 2019-04-16 211358.png
Holly Turner