We're Growing!

We’re tutoring more students, hiring more tutors, finding more board members, making more community connections and raising more money…

Our first fundraiser was a success!! A million thanks to our generous supporters.  

We had a goal of $20,000 and while we’re not there yet, we are less than $1,500 from our goal.  We have a waiting list of students wanting to begin tutoring and now 2 have been taken off that list thanks to you.  

More Tutors…

We’ve found another qualified tutor to help us in the fall. She’s an Orton Gillingham certified Special Education teacher and excited to join our team!  

Now, we’ll be in 2 public schools (Bartle and the Highland Park Middle School) as well as the community center and we are incredibly thankful. One of our goals is to eventually have a space in town where we can provide tutoring but we’re not there…yet.


More Board Members…

His name will be revealed soon, but we’re thrilled to have a prominent member of our Highland Park community join our board.  He has an extensive background in communications, fundraising and outreach and has experience tutoring a child in reading. We’re thrilled to have him join our team.


More Connections

We’ve joined forces with the Middlesex County College Management Department.  Raising Hands Tutoring will serve as the Service Learning Project for Professor Lakshmi’s Fall 2019 class.  Management students will earn college credit working with us and supporting us in our mission. We are excited to have more hands on deck!

Learn more at https://www.middlesexcc.edu/service-learning/about-us/

We’ll also be meeting with 2 Mandela Fellows this month sharing what we know about starting a small non profit, fundraising, making connections and spreading awareness. Learn more about this program at https://exchanges.state.gov/non-us/program/mandela-washington-fellowship-young-african-leaders.

Follow us to see these connections in action!



Holly Turner