What is a structured LIteracy Program?

A highly structured and systematic literacy intervention is typically based on the Orton Gillingham approach. Teachers must be formally trained in a program in order to implement it with fidelity. Some well known programs are Orton Gillingham, The Wilson Program, and Fundations. The NJ Department of Education and International Dyslexia Association recommend structured literacy programs as best practice for students with Dyslexia and reading difficulties.



Structured Literacy programs teach the components of language systematically and explicitly. Students are taught strategies to decode and spell multisyllabic and non phonetic words as well as to improve writing and fluency skills.



Programs teach reading, writing and spelling using sight, sound, movement and touch. Incorporating the senses allow for greater connections to be made and encourages students to tap into individual learning strengths.



The teacher designs the curriculum around the needs of the individual student and assessment data. Data is collected regularly to monitor progress and instruction allowing the teacher to ensure growth and progress is made.